Philly Teacher FIRED For Refusing In-School COVID Test

by Michael Kane 6-17-21 Hours after I posted about Philly Teacher Neal Follman yesterday, who refused to sign the in-school COVID consent form, I found out he was officially fired by the Philadelphia Board of Education. Neal is currently looking for work this week in the restaurant industry in Pennsylvania. He told me last weekContinue reading “Philly Teacher FIRED For Refusing In-School COVID Test”

Philly Teacher Refuses In-School COVID Testing

He needs our help! Donate to his GoFundMe HERE On Verge of Getting Fired by Michael Kane 6-16-21 Neal Follman is a tenured teacher working in the Philadelphia School system for 11 years. He refused in-school COVID testing at his job when he was told every employee must be tested in the school building. HisContinue reading “Philly Teacher Refuses In-School COVID Testing”