Philly Teacher FIRED For Refusing In-School COVID Test

by Michael Kane


Hours after I posted about Philly Teacher Neal Follman yesterday, who refused to sign the in-school COVID consent form, I found out he was officially fired by the Philadelphia Board of Education.

Neal is currently looking for work this week in the restaurant industry in Pennsylvania. He told me last week was very tough for him, as the Board of Ed was just beating him down in conferences and nonsense. However his spirits are up this week, especially after seeing all of the support coming his way!

Neal’s fundraiser has gotten him 25% of the way to his goal in just 24 hours. Thank you so much to everyone who is choosing to put their hard-earned cash to support this working class hero Neal Follman!

If you have not already donated, please consider pitching in at Neal’s GoFundMe page.

Donate by clicking right HERE.

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