Vaccinated NYC Workers Stand with their Unvaccinated Brothers and Sisters

Tramell Thompson Brings the #RipItUp Challenge to City Hall Associated Press Covers #RipItUP PRESS RELEASE 2-8-22 NYC’s Transit & Labor Leader, Tramell Thompson, led a group of city workers in ripping up their vaccine cards in front of City Hall yesterday. Thompson is vaccinated himself, but ripped up his vaccine card in protest on JanuaryContinue reading “Vaccinated NYC Workers Stand with their Unvaccinated Brothers and Sisters”

The Tide is Turning in America

Discrimination & Segregation of the Unvaccinated will NOT be Tolerated by Michael Kane 9-18-21 Just one month ago forced vaccination to work or participate in society in NYC seemed to be a done deal. Then TEACHERS FOR CHOICE sponsored a massive protest at City Hall on August 25th, and another on September 13th, and boyContinue reading “The Tide is Turning in America”