NY We are going BACK TO ALBANY!


They are Still Coming After Our Kids!

  • No covid mandates
  • Protect Parental Rights!
  • Rehire the fired & banned workers!

Last year on January 5, 2022 thousands of us went to Albany on the first day of the legislative session to say NO to all covid mandates.

This year we are GOING BACK TO ALBANY the first week of January 2023 to say NO once again! The exact date will be announced as soon as possible.

We can’t go to Albany the very first day of the session this year because we need to engage our lawmakers, sit down and meet with them. That’s impossible to do on the first day because there are too many ceremonies happening.

It is CRITICAL we meet with our senators and assembly members. Last year we were locked out of the Capitol and Legislative Office Building (LOB) unless we were vaccinated or had a negative covid test. This year those requirements have been removed.

Last year the election was looming right around the corner and our presence was big enough, and scary enough, to stop all bad bills right in their tracks. This year there is no election for another 2 years, so it is CRITICAL that we build relationships with our lawmakers.

Stay tuned to http://www.TeachersforChoice.org and ny.ChildrensHealthDefense.org for all updates

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