Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Promotes our Medical Freedom Rally in Albany NY!

Come to our rally in Albany NY on January 10, 2023

Get all rally info HERE

by Michael Kane


Last night Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was on fire in an interview with Steve Kirsch that lasted over an hour. You can view the entire interview on Rumble here:

At the end of his interview at the 1:14:09 time mark Kennedy holds up the flyer for our rally in Albany, NY on January 10, 2023, and says everyone in the New York area needs to get to this rally. It was an honor to be interviewed by Louisa Clary and Steve Kirsch just after the Chairman of Children’s Health Defense gave us that big endorsement!

Get BUS SEATS to Albany NY HERE –

Need a free bus ticket? Email us, we will try to work it out –

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