Michael Kane Calls for NYC Investigation into Teacher FBI Fingerprints Scandal on National News

Correction 2-15-23: NYC Educators who declined covid vaccination did NOT have their “fingerprints sent to the FBI” but rather had a “flag sent to the FBI” on their fingerprints that indicate a problem with that individual. All NYC DOE employees are required to be fingerprinted before employed and I am told the fingerprints are sent to the FBI in a non-criminal database. Nevertheless it is inexcusable for NYC DOE to be flagging fingerprints with the FBI and DOJ over vaccination status!


TEACHERS FOR CHOICE founder Michael Kane called for an investigation earlier this morning on FOX & FRIENDS over the breaking revelations that NYC educators who declined covid vaccination had their fingerprints sent to the FBI. Kane specifically referenced Mayor Eric Adams and stated he was already in conversations with members of the Common Sense Caucus in City Hall.

Watch the interview and read the full report from FOX at the following link:


The source of the information is investigator Betsty Combier, who appeared with Kane on FOX & FRIENDS. Combier wrote an affidavit included in the case Kane v. de Blasio that revealed this shocking reality, which was referenced in open court by attorney John Bursch on February 8th in the 2nd Circuit Court of appeals as Bursch argued on behalf of fired NYC workers.

Kane interviewed Combier on Good Morning CHD shortly after the appearance on FOX & FRIENDS. Combier did an excellent job of explaining how she was able to discover that unvaccianted NYC educators had their fingerprints flagged with a “problem code” and sent to the FBI.

Watch that full interview here: https://live.childrenshealthdefense.org/chd-tv/shows/good-morning-chd/fingerprints-of-unvaxxed-teachers-flagged-to-fbi/

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