Maniscalco vs NYC DOE Submitted to SCOTUS

10-1-21 The Staten Island Attorneys Mark J. Fonte and Louis M. Gelormino representing Rachel Maniscalco and over 700 NYC DOE employees just filed an Emergency Application for Writ of Injunction with the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) to stop de Blasio’s vaccine mandate in NYC Schools. Yesterday Maniscalco was on a whirlwind tourContinue reading “Maniscalco vs NYC DOE Submitted to SCOTUS”

Restraining Order Request to be Filed This Week in KANE vs DE BLASIO

9-29-21 Last night and this morning TEACHERS FOR CHOICE did a barrage of media. INSIDE EDITION, EYEWITNESS NEWS, FOX & FRIENDS and perhaps GOOD MORNING AMERICA (still trying to confirm if GMA occurred). PIX 11 had a great piece on how there will be a shortage in school safety agents in NYC Schools when thisContinue reading “Restraining Order Request to be Filed This Week in KANE vs DE BLASIO”

Multi-Cultural Plaintiffs Sue de Blasio over Vaccine Mandate

TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Press Release 9-28-21 Black, Brown, Hispanic, White, Asian, female, male and immigrant plaintiffs are suing Mayor de Blasio in federal court over his forced vaccination mandate for NYC DOE employees in the case KANE vs DE BLASIO. The 10 plaintiffs include Michael Kane, William Castro, Margaret Chu, Heather Clark, Stephanie Di Capua,Continue reading “Multi-Cultural Plaintiffs Sue de Blasio over Vaccine Mandate”

Why fully vaccinated educators must leave the AFT and UFT

AFT & UFT are nothing but partners of the BioSecurity State Learn how to leave the UFT HERE by Michael Kane 9-26-21 The UFT teachers union in NYC and its national umbrella AFT have already decided the following: Vaccination every 6 months is now a “way of life” for their members Anyone who is ‘unvaccianted’Continue reading “Why fully vaccinated educators must leave the AFT and UFT”


Rachel Maniscalco and attorney explain on FOX NEWS This is a real cliff hanger. Maniscalco’s case representing over 700 NYC teachers and DOE employees goes to an emergency federal appellate court over the weekend getting a temporary restraining order (TRO) on the NYC DOE vaccine mandate. It’s anyone’s guess how long the TRO will stayContinue reading “We have ONE MORE TRO!”

Our Last Chance for Legal Relief

Please Donate to Fund Our Emergency Weekend Legal Action from Michael Kane & TEACHERS FOR CHOICE 9-24-21 Our attorney Sujata Gibson is writing and finalizing our emergency motion for relief from the NYC vaccine mandate to be filed on Sunday September 26th. This is our last chance in the courts to get relief before unvacciantedContinue reading “Our Last Chance for Legal Relief”


UFT & CSA Say NYC Must Delay Vaccine Mandate by Michael Kane 9-23-21 This is a war of attrition and a game of chicken. DO NOT move from your position against forced vaccination as a condition of employment in the NYC DOE. There are many reasons why you are right and many routes to victory.Continue reading “EVERYONE HOLD THE LINE!”


Lawsuits in Federal Court Could Bring Relief for NYC DOE Employees  By Michael Kane  9-23-21 Thousands of teachers and educators were extremely distraught throughout New York yesterday when Judge Love revoked the restraining order on forced vaccination he implemented last week. However this is NOT the only lawsuit seeking relief for NYC DOE employees inContinue reading “THERE IS STILL HOPE!”