NYC DOE Publishes New COVID Testing Guidelines

12-5-2020 Up until yesterday we have speculated whether the New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE) will actually place teachers on unpaid leave for refusing in-school COVID testing, and if students will actually be removed if their parents don’t consent. On Friday (yesterday), the NYC DOE published new guidelines on in-school COVID testing whichContinue reading “NYC DOE Publishes New COVID Testing Guidelines”

Did NYC & UFT Sell Our DNA without our permission?

Open Letter to Mike Mulgrew from New York Teachers for Choice (NYTFC) 9-13-20 Update 12-30-20: We sued NYC DOE over this issue and have settled the case. Learn about KANE vs. NYC DOE HERE *** Dear UFT President Michael Mulgrew: When NYC teachers and students are forced to give swab samples during random COVID testingContinue reading “Did NYC & UFT Sell Our DNA without our permission?”