Rally at Canadian Consulate in NYC, AGAIN!

Tuesday, 2-22-22, 3pm We have demands! 2-21-22 Same day as RALLY IN DETROIT Same day as RALLY IN ATLANTA The brutality against the peaceful Canadian people is clearly a crime against humanity. Justin Trudeau has gone too far declaring war on his own people. One grandmother was trampled by an RCMP horse, hospitalized with a dislocatedContinue reading “Rally at Canadian Consulate in NYC, AGAIN!”

Dance Like Canadians!

NYC Rallies and Dances in Front of Canadian Consulate As the truck convoy parked in Ottawa enters its third week in the Canadian Capital, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invokes a war-time emergency powers act which is effectively martial law for the country. NYC activists rally and dance in front of the Canadian Consulate in ManhattanContinue reading “Dance Like Canadians!”

EMERGENCY Protest at Canadian Consulate in NYC!

Tuesday 2-15-22, 12 noon, 466 Lexington Ave 2-13-22 The province of Ottawa just announced a State of Emergency in regards to the Peaceful Canadian Truckers fighting for their fundamental rights. We are very nervous this is the first step towards violence being perpetrated on the brave truckers and there supporters who are in the midstContinue reading “EMERGENCY Protest at Canadian Consulate in NYC!”