Will the Real Eric Adams Please Stand Up?

The Covid Mandate Lies of Eric Adams

by Michael Kane


Tramell Thompson has just released a video showing how NYC Mayor Eric Adams has flip-flopped entirely on all covid-mandate issues.

In NYC the Democratic Primary is where the mayor is picked. Republicans have no shot at mayor but for rare historical exceptions. Prior to the primary Adams made clear he would not require covid vaccination for teachers or students, and that he supported in-person education and sports for ALL students.

We now see he lied to get your vote.

Once he won the primary, he changed his tune and said he would force the covid vaccine on teachers and students. He is currently forcing the covid vaccine on students to access any sports or extra-curricular activity in NYC while forcing toddlers to wear masks for up to 8 hours a day with no science to back up this harming policy. Adams is also requiring every single City employee and new hire in NYC to get the covid vaccination to be employed. He is also forcing all private businesses to impose vaccine mandates on all their workers.

Eric Adams is a liar.

Thank you Tramell Thompson, NYC’s Transit & Labor Leader, for bravely shining a light on this hideous and immoral flip-flopping from Mayor Eric Adams.


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