Medical Mandate Survey for All NY Governor Candidates

Find out what the candidates say they will do about covid & medical mandates if elected


Children’s Health Defense NY Chapter has sent a survey on medical mandates to the majority of candidates running for Governor in New York. As we receive responses from candidates, we will be posting the PDF files here for you to download and read through to get a better sense of where every candidate stands on issues of health freedom, medical mandates, and covid restrictions.

***IF YOU would like to send a blank survey to a candidate running for governor, or for ANY CANDIDATE IN NY RUNNING FOR OFFICE, please email and we will send it to you asap. Nothing gets the attention of a candidate more than a potential voter reaching out to them.


Lee Zeldin (R) – received, currently working on completing

Rob Astorino (R) – sent, replied via Twitter he did not receive. Resent to him on 6-10-22

Andrew Giuliani (R) – sent, no response at this time

Kathy Hochul (D) – sent, no response at this time

Tom Suozzi (D) – sent, no response at this time

Jumaani Williams (D) – sent, no response at this time

Howie Hawkins (Green) – no official campaign website found to date. Survey not sent to him at this time

Larry Sharpe (Libertarian) – received, sent back completed:

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