Brad Hoylman and Fauci throw Shots at Lee Zeldin

Two Ginormous Big Pharma Puppets by Michael Kane 10-26-22 Brad Hoylman is Big Pharma’s #1 puppet in the New York State Senate, so he has decided to pop his head up to throw some shade at Lee Zeldin (on behalf of Fauci and their Big Pharma masters). Did you know Hoylman never met a vaccineContinue reading “Brad Hoylman and Fauci throw Shots at Lee Zeldin”

Michael Kane interviews Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

RFK’s first comments on the announced resignation of Anthony Fauci Watch interview here: The tide is turning — will you sit by and watch, or will you take part in this momentous time in history? Special guest Robert F. Kennedy makes a public statement on Anthony Fauci’s resignation and its significance. Then, two otherContinue reading “Michael Kane interviews Robert F. Kennedy Jr.”