NY We are going BACK TO ALBANY January 10, 2023!

11-17-22 They are Still Coming After Our Kids! Last year on January 5, 2022 thousands of us went to Albany on the first day of the legislative session to say NO to all covid mandates. This year we are GOING BACK TO ALBANY January 10, 2023 to say NO once again! It is CRITICAL weContinue reading “NY We are going BACK TO ALBANY January 10, 2023!”

Buses to Albany Rally May 16!

And List of Speakers! *** Buy tickets for buses to Medical Freedom rally in Albany, NY at the following link: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/events/albany-rally-bus-reservation/ All info is at the link provided. *** LIST OF SPEAKERS IN ALBANY, NY! Mary Holland, Esq., Children’s Health Defense Dr. Joel Wallskog, MD, React 19 (covid-shot injured orthopedic surgeon) Trammell Thompson, Progressive Action JoContinue reading “Buses to Albany Rally May 16!”

Michael Kane interviewed by Tramell Thompson of Progressive Action

Discussing May 16 Rally, NYC Medical Mandates and Lawsuits Get your BUS TICKET to go to Albany this Monday by clicking HERE

Albany legislators refuse to meet with vaccine rights advocates

PRESS RELEASE Get Bus Tickets to this May 16th Rally in Albany HERE 5-4-22 A coalition of dozens of organizations working on vaccine rights and safety issues from around New York is hoping to hold a lobbying day in Albany on May 16 to discuss their concerns with lawmakers, but unlike most advocates, this groupContinue reading “Albany legislators refuse to meet with vaccine rights advocates”

Rally Against Mandates Returns to Albany New York 5-16-22

DOWNLOAD Black & White flyer to hand out – help promote this rally! Get Bus Tickets to Rally HERE May 16, 10:30am East Capitol Park Albany, NY Back on January 5th we rocked Albany, NY with nearly 5,000 Medical Freedom Fighters. Since then, none of the covid mandate bills have moved an inch. Now, we areContinue reading “Rally Against Mandates Returns to Albany New York 5-16-22”

4000 Anti-Mandate Protesters at New York Capitol

by Michael Kane 1-6-22 4,000 peaceful protesters rallied at the New York Capitol in Albany on January 5th to say no to all covid and vaccine mandates. The 2022 legislative session in Albany is loaded with bills attempting to codify multiple covid and vaccine mandates into state law. Driving to the protest road conditions wereContinue reading “4000 Anti-Mandate Protesters at New York Capitol”

Robert Kennedy Jr. Rallying Cry for New York!

Everyone needs to come to the NY Capitol on January 5th! Register for a bus to Albany, NY at http://www.Jan5Rally.com See RFK’s message on Rumble as well at the following link: https://rumble.com/vr9jbi-a-message-from-robert-f.-kennedy-jr.-show-up-strong-in-albany-ny-on-jan.-5-.html?eType=EmailBlastContent&eId=a5fa029a-05f6-4535-824a-30f9b2af50c5 (share widely!!!)

Michael Kane’s Letter to the New York Assembly Health Committee

VOTE NO to Adult Vaccine Database Here is the letter I sent to New York Assembly members on the Health Committee that are voting on whether to create an ADULT VACCINE DATABASE in New York. Such a database will be the central nervous system for a mandatory state-wide vaccine passport. Please email the same emailContinue reading “Michael Kane’s Letter to the New York Assembly Health Committee”