Sussman Interview Back by Popular Demand 7-2-21 A few months ago I and TEACHERS FOR CHOICE attorney Michael Sussman were interviewed by Jason Goodman on Crowd Source the Truth. The interview has been pulled off of YouTube multiple times after being viewed tens of thousands of times. I’m done with Youtube! Jason Goodman was good enough to load the interviewContinue reading “Sussman Interview Back by Popular Demand”

Protect College Students From Experimental Jabs!

6-29-21 Link to the zoom meeting held last week on Religious Exemptions from Covid-19 Mandates, with Dr. Eric Feintuch, Rev. Dr. Aaron Lewis, Rabbi Zev Epstein, Fr. Michael Copenhagen, John Gilmore. Rita Palma and Cait Corrigan can be found here: Below is info on NEW ZOOM meeting tonight, Tuesday, 6-29-21, (link and info atContinue reading “Protect College Students From Experimental Jabs!”

Michael Kane on Gary Null Show

Explaining Religious Exemption to Vaccination for Adults in NY Michael Kane was interviewed by Gary Null explaining how college students and employees being forced to get the COVID shot can apply for a religious exemption to vaccination. Go to the 54:00 minute mark to hear the brief interview. If you need to apply for aContinue reading “Michael Kane on Gary Null Show”

Religious Exemption to Vaccination

This post comes from Rita Palma who is an expert on applying for religious exemptions to vaccination. In New York the law says anyone over the age of 18 can apply for a religious exemption for employment or attending college. Any adult of any faith can apply for a religious exemption. Read the post fromContinue reading “Religious Exemption to Vaccination”