Learn How to Leave the UFT and Get Your Dues Back Now

Monday, 11-15-21, 6:30pm ZOOM Call Pre-register HERE *** Did the UFT Force you to inject a covid vaccine you didn’t want to keep your job? Are you tired of the UFT and AFT using your hard-earned money for causes you don’t support? Did you already follow directions to leave the UFT, but they are still takingContinue reading “Learn How to Leave the UFT and Get Your Dues Back Now”

Connecting the New Reality of Education

Saturday, November 20th, Suffolk County, NY Are you an out of work educator? Come meet the HOME SCHOOLING Community in Long Island. Start building and creating a new reality- YOUR reality of what education in the 21st Century will look like. And find some income. Spots are limited, so please join the event by goingContinue reading “Connecting the New Reality of Education”

Emergency Motions Filed to Second Circuit Court in KANE vs DE BLASIO

by Michael Kane 10-27-21 On Monday October 25th a notice of appeal was filed to the second circuit federal court in KANE vs. DE BLASIO. On Tuesday October 26th the emergency motions were filed which can be downloaded as a pdf file here: The emergency motions ask for an injunction to be issued no laterContinue reading “Emergency Motions Filed to Second Circuit Court in KANE vs DE BLASIO”

Maintaining my Rights To Sue the NYC DOE

from Michael Kane 10-21-21 For those NYC DOE employees currently on unpaid leave due to declining covid vaccination who do not want to give up your rights to sue the DOE, you cannot sign the waiver that is on the SOLAS system. The waiver is required if you want to keep your healthcare benefits forContinue reading “Maintaining my Rights To Sue the NYC DOE”


Forced Covid Vax Mandate for All City Workers Needs Civil Disobedience 10-21-21 TEACHERS FOR CHOICE is receiving dozens of emails from NYPD, FDNY rank-&-file union members in opposition to Mayor de Blasio’s new citywide covid vaccine mandate. Here is my very first thought SANITATION WORKERS – IT’S TIME FOR A SICK OUT! We need toContinue reading “NYC STINKS!”

Medical Benefits Option for NYC Educators on Unpaid Leave

Healthcare Logics Michael Kane 10-18-21 The NYC DOE is requiring educators on unpaid leave for declining the covid vaccination to waive their rights to sue in order to get 1 year of medical benefits. If you DO NOT want to waive your rights and need an option for medical care, we have one. Healthcare LogicsContinue reading “Medical Benefits Option for NYC Educators on Unpaid Leave”

If there is no separation of powers in the UFT it is a dictatorship

Paraprofessional Destroys Mulgrew’s Junk Science Recently Michael Mulgrew stated natural immunity to covid was “some junk on social media.” Paraprofessional, TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Steering Committee member, and founder of LEFT vs LOCKDOWN Garrett Ramirez takes Mulgrew (as well as his own chapter leader) to task on this idiotic comment and the fact that Mulgrew’s “independentContinue reading “If there is no separation of powers in the UFT it is a dictatorship”

Did Weingarten Cut a Deal With Biden?

by Michael Kane 10-15-21 Recently the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) received a victory in a case known as WEINGARTEN vs. DEVOS. The AFT had sued the Trump Department of Education (DOE) then headed by Betsy Devos over college debt relief. The Biden Administration just settled the case in AFT’s favor. This is a winContinue reading “Did Weingarten Cut a Deal With Biden?”