NEA Forced Vaccination Resolution Overwhelmingly Defeated!

by Michael Kane 7-3-21 The NEW BUSINESS ITEM #33 at the National Education Association’s (NEA) virtual assembly, which called for forced covid testing and vaccination of all students and staff to reopen schools in September, was overwhelmingly defeated today. One post on twitter said 81% of the delegates voted no, which is fantastic! In thisContinue reading “NEA Forced Vaccination Resolution Overwhelmingly Defeated!”

Did Randi Weingarten Just Back Off Her Forced Vaccination Rhetoric?

by Michael Kane 2-14-21 Crystal Lewis of THE CHIEF continues to produce critical reporting on COVID vaccination and American educators. On February 11th she wrote the following: Backs Off ‘Mandatory’ Although many Teachers see the vaccine as key to restoring full-time in-person learning, Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, backed off previousContinue reading “Did Randi Weingarten Just Back Off Her Forced Vaccination Rhetoric?”

Union Leaders Supported REIMAGINE EDUCATION Over 3 Years Ago!

Why Do Teacher Union Leaders Want More Remote Learning? 11-7-2020 As early as 2015, the heads of the largest teacher unions in America were already onboard with the “reimagine education” remote learning initiative which Governor Cuomo announced he was rolling out in the midst of the COVID crisis. This includes Randi Weingarten of the AmericanContinue reading “Union Leaders Supported REIMAGINE EDUCATION Over 3 Years Ago!”