Naomi Wolf Interviews Michael Kane for

7-12-22 What an honor to be interviewed by the amazing Naomi Wolf, founder of and author of the new book THE BODIES OF OTHERS. Before Naomi’s book release party in Brooklyn he was kind enough to invite me on the Crown Goose in Park Slope, a boat from the 1940’s overlooking the water andContinue reading “Naomi Wolf Interviews Michael Kane for”

NYC Uncensored Episode 5: “A Nightmare Proportion Crisis” Kristin Buckbee On Organization Of The American Convoy

2-18-22 ***MUST WATCH SHOW ON USA CONVOY ORGANIZING EFFORTS*** In this episode of “NYC Uncensored,” host Michael Kane returns to provide updates on the grassroots efforts/organizing in New York and beyond! This week, he is joined by Kristin Buckbee, who discusses the American Convoy and breaks down its organization. Who are these anonymous admins? WhyContinue reading “NYC Uncensored Episode 5: “A Nightmare Proportion Crisis” Kristin Buckbee On Organization Of The American Convoy”

Michael Kane Debates RELIGION & VACCINES on BBC World Radio

from Michael Kane 12-26-21 I would like to thank BBC World Service and BBC Radio for bringing me on their global platform to debate RELIGION & VACCINES. The conversation and debate unfolded precisely as they said it would and I greatly appreciate their transparency in the process. Some have noted that the narrative of theContinue reading “Michael Kane Debates RELIGION & VACCINES on BBC World Radio”

NYC Teachers Denied Religious Exemption for Third Time

WE ARE BACK IN COURT! Attorneys Apply for Another Emergency Injunction 12-11-21 by Michael Kane In the lawsuits KANE vs DE BLASIO and KEIL vs NYC the plaintiffs won an injunction that allowed them to reapply for a religious exemption to vaccination in what equated to a third attempt. Nearly all who reapplied were denied,Continue reading “NYC Teachers Denied Religious Exemption for Third Time”

Michael Kane and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya on Laura Ingraham

from Michael Kane 10-5-21 What an honor it was to be a guest on national TV with Dr. Jay Bhattacharya! Dr. Bhattacharya is a Professor of Health Policy at Stanford University, medical doctor, PhD, has published over 135 publications in the peer reviewed literature, and his work has been cited over 11,000 times. OverContinue reading “Michael Kane and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya on Laura Ingraham”

KANE vs DE BLASIO Files For Restraining Order

11-15-21 UPDATE: KANE vs DE BLASIO gets INJUNTION GRANTED by 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals!!! READ THAT HERE *** Calling the Court to Stop Vaccine Mandate in NYC Schools Over Fraudulent Exemption Process TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Press Release 10-4-21 Download the Restraining order here: This morning TEACHERS FOR CHOICE attorney Sujata Gibson filed for aContinue reading “KANE vs DE BLASIO Files For Restraining Order”

Bring Back NYC’s Weekly Testing Option

Email sent to Michael Mulgrew on 9-1-21, 1pm: To: Michael Mulgrewcc: Randi Weingarten, Andy Pallotta *** Good afternoon. I and TEACHERS FOR CHOICE ask that Michael Mulgrew advocates strongly to bring back the weekly testing option for those educators who are willing to agree to this but not vaccination. The entire MLC supports this atContinue reading “Bring Back NYC’s Weekly Testing Option”

Attorney Michael Sussman Supports TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Leaving the UFT

8-30-21 Legendary Harvard-trained civil rights attorney and Progressive Democrat Michael Sussman fully supports TEACHERS FOR CHOICE calling on our supporters to leave the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) union. About 6 months ago while finishing one lawsuit and beginning another with Sussman I had asked his legal advice on whether I and my supporters shouldContinue reading “Attorney Michael Sussman Supports TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Leaving the UFT”

Video of Michael Kane’s CHD Webinar Presentation from February 10, 2021

Back in February Michael Kane was included in a panel held by Children’s Health Defense titled THE COVID VACCINE ON TRIAL. You can watch Kane’s presentation by going to the following link and then scrolling down till you see the name “Michael Kane.” Click on that name and you can watch the 5-minute segment. TheContinue reading “Video of Michael Kane’s CHD Webinar Presentation from February 10, 2021”

KANE vs. NYC DOE has been Settled

Fulgent Genetics Must Destroy our Specimens by Michael Kane 12-28-20 The New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE) agreed to a stipulation containing language written by our attorney, Michael Sussman, ensuring all specimens collected for in-person COVID testing will not be stored, used or copied in any way and will be destroyed once aContinue reading “KANE vs. NYC DOE has been Settled”