Protest at UFT Office in Staten Island

by Michael Kane 12-20-20 Yesterday 100 teachers, parents, students, business owners and citizens protested in front of the UFT Office building in Staten Island, NY. We expected hundreds more, but having to cancel our original Wednesday date due to the snow storm, as well as having it on the Saturday before Christmas limited attendance. NewContinue reading “Protest at UFT Office in Staten Island”

OPEN LETTER to UFT President Michael Mulgrew

What is your position on the COVID Vaccine and Teachers? Sent on November 25, 2020, 7am To UFT President Mike Mulgrew: I write to you as a UFT member and steering committee member for NY Teachers For Choice who represents the opinion of thousands of UFT members. As you know, we are a grassroots group ofContinue reading “OPEN LETTER to UFT President Michael Mulgrew”

Mulgrew Says All NYC Teachers Must Get COVID Vaccine

Read our OPEN LETTER to Michael Mulgrew HERE Sign our PETITION Against Vaccine Mandates for Educators HERE 11-24-20 United Federation of Teachers (UFT) President Michael Mulgrew stated in a UFT virtual Town Hall meeting yesterday that the COVID vaccine would be mandatory for all NYC teachers by September of 2021. This is according to multipleContinue reading “Mulgrew Says All NYC Teachers Must Get COVID Vaccine”

Mike Mulgrew Addresses DNA Controversy for First Time

“No DNA is being collected for nefarious purposes.” – Mike Mulgrew, UFT Delegate Assembly, October 14, 2020 10-14-2020 Today, for the first time, United Federation of Teachers (UFT) President Michael Mulgrew addressed the DNA controversy surrounding in-school COVID testing. However it does not appear that he said anything substantive. Sources who viewed the virtual delegateContinue reading “Mike Mulgrew Addresses DNA Controversy for First Time”

Did NYC & UFT Sell Our DNA without our permission?

Open Letter to Mike Mulgrew from New York Teachers for Choice (NYTFC) 9-13-20 Update 12-30-20: We sued NYC DOE over this issue and have settled the case. Learn about KANE vs. NYC DOE HERE *** Dear UFT President Michael Mulgrew: When NYC teachers and students are forced to give swab samples during random COVID testingContinue reading “Did NYC & UFT Sell Our DNA without our permission?”