Eric Adams Wins NYC Democratic Primary for Mayor

by Michael Kane 7-7-21 Former Police Capatin Eric Adams has won the Democratic primary for mayor in NYC. Adams was one of 3 candidates TEACHERS FOR CHOICE recommended voters rank since he had publicly indicated he would not force teachers or students to get the COVID vaccine. TEACHERS FOR CHOICE congratulates Mr. Adams on thisContinue reading “Eric Adams Wins NYC Democratic Primary for Mayor”

Sussman Interview Back by Popular Demand 7-2-21 A few months ago I and TEACHERS FOR CHOICE attorney Michael Sussman were interviewed by Jason Goodman on Crowd Source the Truth. The interview has been pulled off of YouTube multiple times after being viewed tens of thousands of times. I’m done with Youtube! Jason Goodman was good enough to load the interviewContinue reading “Sussman Interview Back by Popular Demand”

YOUTUBE CENSORS Teachers For Choice Protest

6-14-21 YouTube has struck down the full video of the TEACHERS FOR CHOICE (TfC) protest on June 12, 2021 in front of United Federation of Teachers (UFT) headquarters. It got pulled down in less than 48 hours! The protest featured 11-year-old Jenna Miller who was kicked out of school on June 8th for refusing toContinue reading “YOUTUBE CENSORS Teachers For Choice Protest”


A Few Corrections We greatly appreciate the NY POST coverage of our protest in front of the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) headquarters at 52 Broadway on June 12, 2021. However there were a few errors in their reporting we would like to correct: The NY POST reported TfC founder Michael Kane as saying theContinue reading “TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Protest Covered in NY POST”

Unmask 4-year-olds in NYC NOW!

The Harm is FAR GREATER Than The Alleged Help Action Alert! – Email NYC Mayor and Teacher Union Boss From TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Copy and paste the below post in an email to all of the following email addresses: Mayor De Blasio, NYC Schools Chancelor Meisha Porter, UFT President Michael Mulgrew , City Council SpeakerContinue reading “Unmask 4-year-olds in NYC NOW!”

NY EDUCATORS: Is It Time to Stop Paying Union Dues?

STOP COPE! by Michael Kane Donate to TEACHERS FOR CHOICE by clicking HERE 4-19-21 UPDATE – FAQ’s for STOP COPE Campaign TEACHERS FOR CHOICE has just announced our partnership with Health Freedom Defense Fund (HFDF). Read the full press release announcement HERE. We are calling on all New York State Educators who support us toContinue reading “NY EDUCATORS: Is It Time to Stop Paying Union Dues?”

NY Educators WILL STOP Paying Union Dues in March

We didn’t forget… by Michael Kane 3-5-21 For about 3 months TEACHERS FOR CHOICE has been saying if our 7 Demands of New York Teacher Unions are not met, we will stop paying union dues starting March 1st. Today is March 5th, and our demands have not been met. We were not, and are not,Continue reading “NY Educators WILL STOP Paying Union Dues in March”

Open Letter to UFT President Michael Mulgrew on In-School COVID Testing

2-17-21 NEW ACTION ALERT! NYC is trying to stop the new state guidance that would stop them from kicking kids out of in-person school. TAKE ACTION HERE If you support the statements in this letter, please copy and paste it into your own email and send it to UFT President Michael Mulgrew (and Mayor BillContinue reading “Open Letter to UFT President Michael Mulgrew on In-School COVID Testing”

Did Randi Weingarten Just Back Off Her Forced Vaccination Rhetoric?

by Michael Kane 2-14-21 Crystal Lewis of THE CHIEF continues to produce critical reporting on COVID vaccination and American educators. On February 11th she wrote the following: Backs Off ‘Mandatory’ Although many Teachers see the vaccine as key to restoring full-time in-person learning, Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, backed off previousContinue reading “Did Randi Weingarten Just Back Off Her Forced Vaccination Rhetoric?”

TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Social Media Campaign

WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! #TeachersForChoice All teachers, parents, and everyone who supports TEACHERS FOR CHOICE needs to get online and promote our hashtag, our reports and our demands of all New York Teacher Unions. So here is what we need you to do: (1) If you don’t have a Twitter account, please make one NOW!Continue reading “TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Social Media Campaign”